B2B Development Network is a complete technology solutions provider, an IT company specialized in managed services and technical support for small and medium sized businesses located in the Greater Toronto Area.

We build solid relationships with our customers, based on trust and integrity.

As your technology advisor, we will help you with your existing needs and as well as with planning for future growth.

Technology Outsourcing

We are an experienced service provider and we assign the best resources available to your projects. 

Since technologies are changing all the time, we involve the most competent consultants for each task.

Business Continuity

Downtime is no longer accepted, we know it. Your business can’t afford any outages.

We design and implement the best solution for your organization, based on hybrid cloud platforms.

Online Backup

You only realize how important is your backup when you need it.

We use business class solutions to keep your data safe and available for immediate restore.


  • B2B is amazing to work with. They have a fantastic attitude, trying to make the whole business better and are the first ones to volunteer for any new challenge.

  • I had the pleasure of working with B2B and can attest to their passion for helping companies find real solutions to their technology needs.

  • B2B was very quick to respond and always kept the customer’s best interest in mind while protecting company assets.




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